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Home Marketing YouTube Video Marketing: The Right Person in Front of the Camera

YouTube Video Marketing: The Right Person in Front of the Camera

YouTube Video Marketing

There are many successful videos on YouTube that businesses have created as “business profiles.” What these videos basically consist of is a spokesperson for the company talking about what they do, why they do it, and why they are great at it.

If you are planning on making videos with a spokesperson or any on-camera talent for that matter, make sure you find the right person for the job. You need someone who is great on camera, a real cheerleader for your company. What you absolutely don’t want is to have someone who is not comfortable in front of camera as the face of your business. It is simply not enough to have a knowledgeable person speaking to the camera if he/she is boring, uncomfortable, or nervous. Sure, they may be able to cover everything they need to cover in detail in the video, but they may lose the viewers’ interest immediately. You need a smiling, trustworthy, face to get the job done right. A person who is incredibly comfortable being on camera will affect the viewer’s response to the video in a much more positive way than someone who is dull.

Look for the same qualities you would look for in a great public speaker: someone charismatic, articulate, confident, etc. Hollywood has trained us to expect to see beautifully groomed and chiseled human beings on camera. Don’t think of this as a requirement, confidence is number one. What you need first and foremost is a confident, charismatic, knowledgeable speaker. If they happen to “look good,” even better.

If you are planning to have a business profile type of video as part of your YouTube marketing campaign, please consider these points when choosing who to have on camera.