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Home Marketing YouTube Video Marketing: The Power of Views & Honors

YouTube Video Marketing: The Power of Views & Honors

Published on July 16, 2012 in Marketing, Video, YouTube

YouTube Video Marketing

Your basic goal with any YouTube marketing strategy is to get your message out to as many people as possible. There are many different strategies for going about increasing your views(which we will discuss in another post), however, we will be discussing the importance of views and YouTube honors in your online video marketing campaign.

We’ve all seen viral videos such as Rebecca Black’s Music Video for “Friday,” which currently has almost 35 million views. One thing you might notice about these videos, is that they ALL have ads. The more views something has, the more times those ads have been shown to YouTube viewers. Based on the amount of views your videos get, there is a chance to earn revenue by becoming a YouTube Partner and “monetizing” your YouTube account. Depending on your video content this could be great for your business. Not only are you getting your content seen by more and more people, you are also earning revenue by running ads. Learn more about becoming a YouTube Partner here.

Next up, we have YouTube Honors. In short, honors help your video get seen even more by gaining additional placement if they perform well. Honors are given to videos with the “most” of something within a given time period and certain category, and videos are ranked against other videos. YouTube gives honors for videos based on lots of different factors. These factors include: views, comments, favorites, likes, ratings, and video responses, all based on the category that your video is in. In general, focusing on one of these things at a time will see your honors grow quickly. YouTube bases honors on growth within a time period like a single day, the current week, or all time.

Views and Honors are an incredibly important part of your YouTube video marketing campaign. Check back soon for an upcoming post on tips to increase your videos’ views.