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YouTube Video Marketing: Product Demos

YouTube Video Marketing
If you are a company based around products more so than services, it’s a great idea to create product demo videos. This a great way to get regular video content out on YouTube directly dealing with your products. Who better to talk about your own products than you. Always find someone who is comfortable on camera and knowledgeable about the product they are demoing. Look forward to our blog on getting the right person in front of the camera coming soon.

Highlight Products
Choose wisely which products you create video demos for. Some products may lend themselves better to being on video than others. You want to highlight the most important features of a product and demonstrate its use effectively. Be thorough, highlight every aspect of your products in order for the viewer to make a decision on whether or not it would benefit them.

Consistent Content
This is a general rule of thumb for any YouTube video marketing campaign. As far as product demos go, it depends on how many products you have and/or different uses for the same product. One product could potentially have multiple videos if it can be used in different ways. Spread it out, but don’t spread it too thin.

Engage With Your Audience
Your brand is well perceived if you interact with your audience. This can be anything from answering comments on your product demo video page, to taking suggestions from viewers for future videos and even for future products.

Another rule of thumb for YouTube videos, share your product demos wherever you can. Post links to Facebook, Twitter, blogs, newsletter, etc. It’s all about exposure, you want to get these product demos out to anyone and everyone who might be interested in what your product has to offer.