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YouTube Video Marketing: Good Audio

YouTube Video Marketing
As a treat for your ears, check out the video below (with headphones on).

I already know the answer to this question, but have you ever watched a video on YouTube that had god awful audio? YouTube is plagued with videos that have this problem. Bad audio is something that can make or break a project all together. Sure there are silent films out there, but in essence audio is half of the video experience. To help your YouTube video marketing campaign, you need to stand out from these other videos by having good audio.

Even if you are on a low budget, there’s no reason to have awful audio in your video projects. With advancements in technology, there are many affordable decent audio solutions that will help add credibility to your work. From lavalier mics, to the Mitra 3d Mic Pro, to the Zoom/Tascam products, there are many ways to capture good audio.

Most cameras have on-board microphones. Sometimes these aren’t great, but every now and then, even the built in microphones can get you decent audio. Say you are shooting an interview in a quiet room. Sure it would be best to capture separate audio with additional equipment. But if you are in a controlled environment like that, and don’t have any other audio options, you can still capture usable audio by being close to your subject.

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