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YouTube Video Marketing: Following Up

YouTube Video Marketing
A very important part of your YouTube video marketing campaign will always be following up. You may have shot, edited, and posted your final video product to YouTube, but don’t think your journey to success is over. It is time to share your video wherever you can, engage with your audience after they’ve seen it, track how your video is performing, and learn from experience.

Monitoring Feedback
Viewers may comment on your video, like it, dislike it, or leave a video response. When they do, you need to interact with them. Engaging with your audience can help the way your viewers perceive you as a video producer. This is a great way to see what people think about your videos, the good and the bad.

Tracking Stats
YouTube makes it quite easy to track all of your videos statistics. Most goals for YouTube video marketing campaigns are based around getting solid amounts of views. This is easy to track without even being logged in as the number of views a video has on YouTube is posted on every video’s page. Same with all other statistics that can be tracked like the amount of likes and dislikes, video responses, ratings, comments, demographics, etc.

Learning From Experience
Whether it is negative or positive feedback, you always have things to learn. Whatever you can take away from this feedback will be helpful. Read your comments, see how many people liked or disliked a video, observe your demographic. All of this information will help you learn what works and what doesn’t work for your audience, and ultimately it will help you make better video content.