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Home Marketing YouTube Video Marketing: Building Your Brand

YouTube Video Marketing: Building Your Brand

Published on July 9, 2012 in Marketing, Video, YouTube

YouTube Video Marketing
YouTube is the largest free video sharing site in the world. What this means to you as a business is quite simple. It’s an opportunity to build your brand via online video marketing. To many, video is the most powerful way to convey a message and build brand awareness. Below, we will explore 5 ways to utilize YouTube to build your brand online.

When first setting up your YouTube account, it is important to get everything right according to your current branding. You want brand consistency so stick with your brand’s themes and colors when customizing your profile. Be sure to choose an account name that accurately reflects your business and the content you are providing. Make sure you check the box that syas “latest video” to display your most recently uploaded video as the featured video people will see when they land on your YouTube Channel.

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again. Post relevant content. The best way to truly become successful on YouTube (or the internet in general) is to have content that people are interested in. It also needs to be interesting enough for the those people to then share it with others so that it spreads like wildfire.

By making sure you post regular relevant video content to your YouTube account, you are showing your audience that you are consistent. Building your brand’s awareness and trust. You want to make it so that people want to check your YouTube Channel often to see if there is new content they would like to see. If they subscribe to your channel, they will automatically receive notifications when you post new content, driving them directly to your channel. This helps engage and sustain an audience for your business.

By placing calls-to-action in your video content, you are driving your viewers somewhere. These work best if they are short and catchy, and can be as simple as just driving a viewer to your website by saying “visit www. whatever your web address is .com.” Or “Call us now at 555-555-5555 for a free quote.” There are many great ways you can utilize a call-to- action in video to help build your brand.

Share your video content with every outlet you can. If your business has a Facebook, Twitter, email list, blog, etc., utilize these outlets by getting your YouTube videos out there. Embedding your videos on web pages or blogs is also a great way to promote your videos.