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Home Marketing YouTube Video Marketing: Becoming a YouTube Partner

YouTube Video Marketing: Becoming a YouTube Partner

YouTube Video Marketing
We are going to discuss why you would want to partner with YouTube, and how to go about making the best of the partnership. By definition, the YouTube Partner Program “provides content creators with tools and programs to improve their skills, build their audiences, and monetize their videos.” If your brand plans to utilize video as part of your online marketing strategy (which, by the way, you should), the partnership program is something you should seriously look into.

Why Would You Want to Partner With YouTube?

A lot of folks speak in a language referred to as “money.” And since partnering with YouTube enables you to “monetize” your account, many people think they can join hands with YouTube, frolick through the digital forest that is the internet, then sit back and watch the cash roll in. There’s a little bit more to it than that. Your YouTube account is monetized by showing ads on or around your videos after joining the program. The partner program utilizes Google AdSense to determine and display these ads. You will have to have an AdSense account, and more importantly, you should use it to determine how well your video content is performing. Below, you will find some of the benefits of partnering with YouTube.

- Becoming a YouTube Partner is free
- Quick & easy to join
- Potential to earn revenue by monetizing your account
- Utilize your own banner ads and drive traffic to your site
- Access to development programs, analytic tools, and community resources

Making the Best of Your YouTube Partnership

Take advantage of the benefits that the YouTube Partner Program offers. Your ultimate goal is to have your video content viewed by as many people as possible. Analyze the performance of your video content within YouTube and Google AdSense. You need to monitor how your videos are performing, and learn what you can from successes and failures. Customize your YouTube Channel so that it is branded and be sure to utilize those banner spaces to drive traffic to your site. Be sure to harness the power of the development programs and different community services offered by YouTube as well.

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