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Home Marketing YouTube Video Marketing: 7 Quick Tips For Getting More Views

YouTube Video Marketing: 7 Quick Tips For Getting More Views

Published on July 20, 2012 in Marketing, Video, YouTube

YouTube Video Marketing
There are many different ways to go about getting more views on YouTube and today we will discuss some of those strategies.

Content is king. It’s a saying for a reason. First and foremost, you need to make sure that your video content is relevant. You need to know your audience well, and know exactly how to appeal to them. If you know what they are looking for, build your content around that. Take the time to do the research BEFORE creating your video content, then plan to make it great and relevant!

All of your videos should be appropriately titled and tagged to ensure the maximum amount of views. A relevant title will help your video show up better in searches, as will great tagging/keywords.

There are MANY different outlets to share your video content. Some of the best ways to get your video out there are with Facebook, Twitter, email lists, and your blog and/or website. The more places you share or embed your video, the more chances people will view them.

Ask people to subscribe to your YouTube Channel regularly. This way whenever you have new activity on your channel, they will be notified and prompted to view your new content. Growing your network of friends and subscribers on YouTube is crucial to your video marketing campaign.

A great way to drive traffic to your videos on YouTube is from annotations. You can check out our blog on annotations here. The gist of it is that you can link to your other videos from within a video, or even drop a subscribe link right on top of your video. This gives you a good opportunity, if say you have a well viewed video already, you can stick annotations at the end to drive traffic to your less travelled/related videos.

This should be a given, but if you want to have a successful YouTube video marketing campaign, having a YouTube social media icon on your website/blog is critical. It should be an easy to find small icon on your page that will take people straight to your YouTube channel. These are standard now, in addition to other social media icons being easily accessible on your web page.

A thumbnail image is the first impression a potential viewer will get when they visit your channel and browse your videos. It can make or break the decision to click and view your video. Under certain circumstances YouTube will let you pick and choose a frame of your video to use for the thumbnail, but usually you have only three options in a normal YouTube account. Be sure to choose a thumbnail image that accurately depicts what the viewer will be watching if they click on your video.