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Home Marketing YouTube Video Marketing: 5 Great YouTube Resources

YouTube Video Marketing: 5 Great YouTube Resources

YouTube Video Marketing
YouTube offers a wide variety of cool resources to help you promote your video content. Below you will find our roundup of the most useful YouTube marketing resources, and ways you can take advantage of them to help promote your videos.

1. The Partner Program

First and foremost, if you plan to run a successful YouTube marketing campaign, you should consider become a YouTube partner. By definition, the YouTube Partner Program “provides content creators with tools and programs to improve their skills, build their audiences, and monetize their videos.” You can customize and monetize your YouTube account which will greatly benefit you in the long run. Read more on our YouTube Partner blog here, and view the information directly on YouTube here.

2. Trends
Analyzing what is working and what isn’t working for other people’s videos will give you an advantage for creating custom video content to promote on YouTube. By having that insight into what popular at the time, you can take that into consideration when crafting your own content to attempt to get more views. Read more about YouTube Trends on our blog here.

3. Annotations

Your YouTube marketing campaign will benefit greatly by the proper use of annotations within your videos. By placing subtle, clickable, calls-to-action within your video content you are providing the viewer with an easy way to access your information, product, or service. Annotations are great for guiding your audience to make a decision by adding subscribe buttons, links to your website or specific product, linking to other related videos, etc. Read more on our annotations blog here.


4. YouTube’s Blog
Along the lines of YouTube trends, YouTube’s blog is a wonderful resource to basically “keep up with the times.” To keep up with what’s going on in the YouTube world, visit their blog here.

5. Non Profit Program
Last but not least, YouTube’s Non Profit Program. Granted, the Non Profit Program is limited to being used by actual non profits, we have to list this in our top resources because of the great advantages it gives.

Read more about the Non Profit Program on our blog here.