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Why Are Web Designers Crucial To Your Success?

Published on August 10, 2015 in Jobs, RSM


Seeking an Experienced and Professional Mid-Level Web Designer

Why are web designers awesome? Because in the current day and time, your business lacks credibility without a strong online presence. The most important? A website! And not just a website thrown up in a day, but a website that exudes your professionalism, knowledge of your field, and a flawless user experience. This is only accomplished by experienced, driven, and detailed web designers who have a passion for graphic design, an appreciation of aesthetics, and an understanding of usability.

Why is exceptional web design crucial to our clients?

1. To gain credibility— A well-designed website is going to boost our client’s customer’s trust in them, which in turn boosts our client’s trust in us. It’s about reputation for our client, but for us as well. Rising Stream places incredible emphasis on web projects for this reason.

2. Improve search engine ranking and visibility— A business doesn’t want their first point of contact to be their Facebook page. A website provides richer information, aesthetics particular to the company, and an overall message that is unique to our client’s branding and reputation.

3. Increase revenue through good design— The more visually appealing the website is, the more traffic it will draw. This increases revenue for our clients, which then builds on our reputation. This also builds a referral basis when our clients refer us to their friends and fellow businesses.

4. Craft memorable first impressions— First impressions last. A cheap and poorly made website reflects badly on the client, so it is crucial to make a lasting impression with an exceptional website that makes their customers return.

5. Ensure quick customer access— When looking for details about a business such as hours of operation, location, and contact information, it’s important to make that information easily accessible to the client’s customers. Creating a website built with the client’s customers in mind is one of Rising Stream Media’s priorities.

Being a web designer is no small task. With our growing business we need another designer on board to work with a team to plan, develop, and maintain client websites. The Rising Stream Team keeps up with the latest trends, tech news, and updates in order to provide our clients with the best online presence possible. Does this sound like the type of industry, environment, and team you’d like to be a part of? Check out the requirements and apply today!


Fundamental Duties of the Position:

  • Designing and Building Custom Responsive Websites (front-end and back-end development)
  • Managing existing web sites and web content
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Passion for graphic design and appreciation of aesthetics
  • Web Design: 2 years
  • Description Continued >>

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Benefits of Working at Rising Stream:

  • Creative environment with room for personal expression & growth
  • Friendly staff who works together closely to produce high quality work for clients
  • Emphasis on having fun while producing great work
  • Surprise coffee tastings and fresh roasted coffee by master roaster, Patrick Byrd
  • Collaboration with coworkers to produce more creative processes
  • Work with companies near and far (2 minutes down the road & across the waters in Japan)
  • Located in historic Downtown Garner
  • Situated next to the railroad tracks, making for great exhilaration several times a day
  • Wide music selection to satisfy every taste