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Historic Downtown Garner Has a Bright Future

Published on March 23, 2015 in Events, RSM


Rising Stream Media has enjoyed being a part of Historic Downtown Garner since 2011.

We are truly at home here on Main Street and continue to keep ourselves involved in the Garner Revitalization Association. There are big plans in the works for our town. Here’s some history of Garner and some things you may not have known about what makes Garner   “A Great Place To Be!”

Garner was officially reinstated as a town in 1905.

However, settlers lived here as early as the 1750’s. Garner’s economy was originally supported by farming, especially cotton and tobacco.

Garner’s birth is linked to the construction of the North Carolina railroad in the 1850’s. Garner’s Station was established with the construction of a post office in 1878 and the Town was incorporated in 1883. The town’s historic heart extends along the railway from Benson Road to New Rand Road. The area includes Main Street flanked on the south side by several blocks of traditional storefront buildings, historic institutional buildings that have now been adapted for residential and recreational uses, Garner Rec Park, and a surrounding neighborhood with most homes built in the first half of the 20th century.

As the Town has experienced continued growth over the last several decades, most of the area’s new residential development has occurred south of Highway 70 and the Downtown area. As residential growth moved south, so to did the Town’s retail and commercial centers.

Today, Highway 70 separates much of the town’s population from the historic downtown area. While these circumstances have created economic challenges for the historic area, Downtown retains much character and potential. If steps can be taken to enhance the visibility of Downtown Garner, the area can once again anchor the north side of Town and regain it’s place as a focal point of activity. (downtowngarner.com)

Garner’s got it goin’ on!

Our future neighbors will be a fantastic new Town of Garner Indoor Recreation Center that will be built on East Main Street and Montague St. in the Downtown Historic District. Behind the Recreation Center, there are plans to keep an open green space for use by the Parks and Rec Department and potential use for other community activities like, “Downtown Sounds.”

View the Historic Downtown Garner Plan >>

Want to get involved? Visit www.downtowngarner.com to learn more about Garner’s  future plans and how you can be a part of its growth!